Postgraduate Awards

Awards for Postgraduate Study

If you are a suitably qualified graduate you may compete for a range of postgraduate awards to help you undertake study at an institution in the United Kingdom.

  • You should be aware that the academic requirements are the minimum required for you to be considered eligible to compete for an award.
  • As there are always more applicants than awards, not all eligible applicants will be successful in obtaining an award. You may, therefore, wish to explore other career options at the same time as you make your application for an award.
  • Success in obtaining a place at an institution for postgraduate study does NOT automatically entitle you to a postgraduate award. You must make a separate application for an award.
  • This site is an introduction to the main awards: the full conditions governing awards are obtainable from the institutions or the relevant award-making body. A list of the main award –making bodies is listed on the site.
  • A Timetable outlining the application process for awards from the various funding bodies is listed on the site.
  • It is the student's responsibility to ensure that his/her application is completed in accordance with the award-making body's conditions.
  • You should note that not all postgraduate courses of study are supported by award-making bodies.
  • This site contains 2015/16 rates of grant, fees and allowances.
  • More detailed information about support for postgraduate study is available in our publications

Postgraduate study publications