About the Department

Our Aim

To promote learning and skills, to prepare people for work and to support the economy.

Our Objectives

To promote economic, social and personal development through high quality learning, research and skills training; and

To help people into employment and promote good employment practices.

Our Customers

The Department’s two main customer groups are:

  • individuals who are seeking to improve their levels of skills and qualifications or who require support and guidance to progress towards employment, including self-employment
  • businesses in both the public and private sectors

Our four key areas of activity

  • enhancing the provision of learning and skills, including entrepreneurship, enterprise, management and leadership
  • increasing the level of research and development, creativity and innovation in the Northern Ireland economy
  • helping individuals to acquire jobs, including self employment, and improving the linkages between employment programmes and skills development
  • the development and maintenance of the framework of employment rights and responsibilities

Our Values

The values of equity, efficiency and effectiveness underpin the Department’s delivery of the commitments in its corporate plan.

The Department will focus on its key priorities, seek to provide a first class service to its customers in an impartial way, strive to improve continually as an organisation and motivate, develop and value its staff.