Collaboration and Innovation Fund

In supporting the implementation of the ‘Pathways to Success’ Strategy for young people who are in not in Education, Employment or Training (NEET), the Department for Employment and Learning invited applications to a new Collaboration and Innovation Fund. A link to the Strategy and Action Plan is included below.

The ‘Pathways to Success’ strategy set out a number of measures to ensure that we can identify young people’s needs and match them with opportunities. The Pathways to Success Collaboration and Innovation Fund (CIF) is one of these supporting measures.

CIF: Focus of Fund

‘Pathways to Success’ actions have a particular focus on helping young people who face barriers to participation. Young people who are NEET are a diverse group with a variety of different needs. It is therefore expected that applications to the Fund will focus on the most disadvantaged young people rather than for example those who spend a short time in the NEET category whilst in transition between other activities.

The Collaboration and Innovation Fund will have five key priorities. We expect all new projects brought forward will involve some or all of the aspects summarised directly below and further expanded in the guidance document:

  • Enhanced Collaboration and sharing of good practice
  • Improved Signposting
  • Better Engagement and Involvement of young people in developments and initiatives
  • More widespread use of Mentoring
  • Support for Innovation where there is a demonstrated need

In addition expansion of existing schemes will be considered where their expansion directly relates to one or other of the five themes above.

Application form and guidance document

An application form and a full guidance document can be accessed below:

Further information

Applicants seeking further information may contact NEET Strategy Branch either in writing, by email or telephone. Please see contact details below.

Department for Employment and Learning
NEET Strategy Branch
Room 307
Adelaide House
39-49 Adelaide Street
Telephone: NEET Strategy Branch 028 9025 7711 (Monday to Friday 9.00 am to 5.00 pm)
Email: external link