Help to find employment

Do you want to find a job? We can help.

If you are looking for a job, your local Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre is the place to start. Staff will help you find a job whether you are looking for your first job or want to get back into work. A number of services and programmes are offered to help jobseekers, particularly people who are unemployed, individuals with disabilities and those who may need extra help in finding work.

What help can you get?

Job Searching

Each Jobs and Benefits office and JobCentre has touch screen JobPoints giving you access to job opportunities at home and abroad.

A series of Northern Ireland job information fact sheets are available to help identify a suitable job. The fact sheets cover a variety of jobs within a wide range of sectors in Northern Ireland. They provide information on job prospects, relevant skills and entry requirements as well as highlighting job opportunities available.

Education and Training

If you need training, qualifications or work experience to help you get a job, there is a range of courses and programmes available. Staff can help identify the best option for you. Whatever your circumstances Adviser can help you by giving you clear, practical advice and information on how and where to look for jobs.

Translation and Interpretation Services

When you visit your local Jobs and Benefits office or JobCentre, arrangements can be made for translation and interpretation facilities if needed.

Disability Employment Service

If you have a disability or your health significantly affects the kind of work you can do, an Employment Service Adviser based in your local Jobs & Benefits office / JobCentre can provide specialist employment help.

Careers advice and Guidance

The Careers Service information on nidirect provides a host of information, advice and contacts to help people of all ages make informed career decisions. It contains many interactive features and resources to allow users to explore the range of careers available

Find the contact details of Careers Advisers in your local area