US - Ireland R&D Partnership Programme

Invest NI/DEL have agreed to consider funding requests from Northern Ireland Higher Education Institutions wishing to engage in tri-jurisdictional collaborative research projects in areas identified by the Partnership. A minimum of one co-principal investigator from each jurisdiction – Northern Ireland, United States, and Republic of Ireland, must be named on the proposal to be deemed eligible for funding under the Partnership.

The scientific application with supporting materials will be jointly prepared by the co-investigators

To facilitate a ‘single-proposal, single-review’ mechanism, the National Science Foundation (NSF) and the National Institutes of Health (NIH) have agreed to accept submissions from tri-jurisdictional teams to a number of their existing funding programmes. Consequently applicants should design their proposal (including the total requested budget) based on the guidelines and criteria outlined in the relevant programme call and associated documentation.

Please see the “Guidelines for Submission to NSF” and “Guidelines for Submission to NIH” below for further details of identified programmes and submission details.

Following scientific merit review, if the proposal is being actively considered for funding, the NSF/NIH will provide Invest NI/DEL with appropriate feedback to facilitate Invest NI/DEL’s funding decision on the Northern Ireland applicant’s budget request.

How to apply

Invest NI/DEL-specific documentation: