Trevor Woods Worldskills interview

Competed in WorldSkills Calgary 2009 - Team UK
Awarded Bronze medal
Home town Lack
Region Northern Ireland
Employer McAleer and Teague
Learning provider Omagh College (CITB)

What was your route into Team UK?

Trevor Woods Bronze Medal WinnerTrevor entered into the regional SkillBuild competition where he achieved success as well as at the national competition. Trevor was then invited to the Worldskills Squad Selection. He impressed the judges with his knowledge and skills and made it through to Team Selection where he won a place in Team UK.

Why did you choose to get involved with WorldSkills?

Trevor's passion for his skill and determination to do well was the deciding factor in his decision to join Team UK.

"It is a fantastic opportunity that I wanted to make the most of. I was really interested to see how I would fare against the international competition."

What training did you undertake as part of your journey to WorldSkills and what impact did this have on your life?

Trevor completed most of his intensive training at Omagh College. Learning new skills and practises at the college helped Trevor a great deal but it was the competition experience that really helped to reinforce this knowledge.

"I learned a great deal during the selection process for Worldskills. Every time I competed my skills seemed to develop. All the time I could see the improvement in my performance and the competitions helped mark these milestones in my journey."

What was WorldSkills like?

"It was a fantastic experience and a once in a lifetime opportunity. It was good to see all of the other skilled people competing for their countries and a real honour to be part of something so worthwhile."

What did you have to do during the competition?

Trevor had two modules to complete over the 22 hour competition. The first module was the construction of a door which lasted for the first two days. Trevor finished the competition by completing the second module which involved the construction of a hop up seat. Both projects were extremely demanding and were designed to test all areas of the joinery skill.

What did being part of Team UK and competing at WorldSkills mean to you?

"Being part of Team UK meant a lot to me. I didn't realise how much it meant until I arrived at the competition. It was a real honour to be part of a group of such talented people and to represent the UK."

How did it feel to win the Bronze medal?

Trevor's intense training really paid off during the competition.

"Winning the bronze medal made the whole experience so worthwhiloe. The training took over my life and so it was fantastic to be rewarded for all the hard work."

What has competing done for you both personally and professionally?

Trevor's competition experience has helped him in both his career and as a person.

"I have learned loads of new skills which has made me more confident at work. The competition and training gets you out and about and I have experienced lots of new stuff which I want to continue to do."

What is the dream?

Trevor is back at work putting his new skills into practise but has some big plans for the future.

"I want to do a bit of travelling and then I'm thinking about sharing my knowledge and skills by teaching in a college."

Would you encourage others to get involved in WorldSkills?

"I think it does people good to compete. It helps to motivate you to develop and improve. WorldSkills offers a great experience for everyone; I know it has helped me loads."

What do you think of the  event being held in London in 2011?

Trevor is excited that London will be hosting the competition in October 2011 and can't wait to see it for himself.

"I didn't get to see much of the competition because I was competing most of the time and so it will be great to see the whole competition when it comes to London. It's a great experience for visitors and I think it will help boost people's awareness of competitions and skills."